Lata Wonders

Bio: As a college student in St. Xavier’s, Mumbai, I used to dream of studying literature in Oxford or Harvard University. It wasn’t a serious dream as those days there were no student loans from banks and your parents had to be rich. Anyway, I have no regrets. Life has been the best university full of enrichening lessons. And then there is always the vast body of knowledge penned down by kind souls who share their experience and thoughts. Ah, the written word! There is no relationship in the world quite like it. I remember when my friend was trying to persuade her kids to give up a little TV and Video gaming in favour of reading, and roped in my help. I still maintain what I told her sons then. The broadcast medium is more or less one-way communication where one is a mute, passive receiver of the images and chatter being streamed at you. No room for thought! The written word, on the other hand, reaches out to form a very personal relationship. It draws you not just into the world described by the writer but allows you to visualize that world and the people in it for yourself. You think and feel. Good authors have the power to do that – with the author and independently! The only boundaries there are your own unlike a TV set which confines you to the borders drawn by the camera and editor. So, am I writer? Well, yes and no. My professional profile reads as below:) An Economics graduate, Lata has over 34 years of work experience across a range of service related industries such as Hospitality, Civil Aviation, Advertising and Publishing. She has, in her long career, worked with companies such as Jet Airways, East India Hotels, Lintas (now Lowe) and Trikaya (now Grey). In her over three decades of working experience, Lata has scripted the conceptualisation and execution of several successes. Chief among these were the Change Management program in 1999 for Jet Airways, ‘Operation Revitalise’, which was conceived to raise the airline’s service standards and evolve the brand image from merely professional and efficient to that of a warm, caring and professional airline. The program is today better known as the ‘yellow rose’ campaign as the planning of ‘Operation Revitalise’ culminated in the search for a symbol that would encapsulate the airline’s service philosophy. Lata is also known for her prowess in business development, having added several large accounts such as Sony Entertainment Television, Bayer, Max Touch, SmithKline Beecham, Siemens amongst others to her portfolio when she was in Advertising. The advertising campaigns she spearheaded for Lakme, Cadbury’s and Canbank Mutual Fund, amongst others, won several awards including the Ad Club ‘Campaign of the Year’ for Lakme Colours. Amongst her strategic successes, Lata counts the introduction of Johnson’s Baby Gift collection in India and the successful countering of P&G’s Whisper (again in India) by marketing a higher order consumer benefit for Johnson’s Silkydry. Lata is a voracious reader and loves to write when time affords. Her love for writing led her to accept the post of Managing Editor, The Smart Manager; a position she held between 2008 and 2010 when she was in Publishing. Currently, Lata is CMO at Sterling Holiday Resorts (India) Limited, a leading Vacation Ownership and Leisure Hospitality company in India. She is on the verge of hanging up her boots and plans to spend her time writing:)

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